Svensk dumhet

Dragsvikkompisen Anders, svensk medborgare sen ett antal år, kommenterar valresultatet så här: ”Fredrik Reinfeldt har skrivit en bok som heter Svenskarna det sovande folket,.. de som verkligen sover i detta land är politikerna som befinner sig så långt ifrån svenskarna som det är möjligt. Väldigt få verka fatta vad som händer i dagens Sverige, en som gör det är Aftonbladets kulturchef Åsa Linderborg därför vill jag rekommendera hennes artikel ‘Vem är dummast?’ i dagens nummer av Aftonbladet.”

Googlar upp artikeln som är mycket tänkvärd, inte minst med tanke på vårt kommande val:

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  1. Ernst Mecke says:

    Åsa Linderborg’s description of the Swedish Social Democrats reminds me to a truly deplorable degree of the German Social Democrats: a party which seems to follow ”the trend” blindly, seemingly unaware (or not wanting to know) that the trend is set by media which do not have the well-being of society in mind but rather the well-being of media-owners, and otherwise follow a ”trend” which is set in the USA (by, among others, the Chicago School of Economy).
    If one looks at the German political spectrum, there are the big parties CDU and CSU on the right, whose followers simply ”believe” (but rarely ever think). On the ”medium-right” there is the FDP, which reminds most of Finland’s Kokoomus, is known as the party of liberal-minded ”better earners” , but at the moment shrinking badly (unclear how long they will still exist). From there one step to the right there are the Social Democrats, among whom thinking sometimes does happen, but not so rarely leads to being kicked out of the party (because of ”lack of loyalty”) – they follow the trend, are obviously lacking principles and concepts for the future, and are steadily shrinking, with every election a bit more, but still very afraid of getting caught at any cooperation with the Left. And on the left there are quite a number of people of obvious high intelligence who, though, are still a little bit caught in principles which are a bit too simple for the unluckily very complicated political situation (and are anyway not given the possibility to explain their points properly in the media).
    The most-respected political personalities are, in this situation, some ”grand old men”, such as the really intelligent Helmut Schmidt (meanwhile over 90), and unluckily also the preaching (former pastor) president.
    Anyway, not much hope about the Social Democrats. Especially as long as they do not dare to expect from their followers some thinking ”outside the trend”.


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