Anybody who lives in Helsinki and feels comfortable with the Finnish language has a chance to participate in a series of presentations titled ”DEMOKRATIAKLUBI KEVÄÄLLÄ 2016”, organized by Kantakaupungin Vasemmisto.

The first presentation is already over (and was quite good!) – it was dealing with ”Demokratia ja Rauha” presented by Markku Kangaspuro of the Aleksanteri-instituutti. The presentations are always on a Tuesday, klo 18 – 19:30, in Arkadia International Bookshop (on the corner Nervanderinkatu-Dagmarinkatu; the bookshop suggests a contribution of 3 € (or more) to the expenses (all those square meters might cost rent …).

The next presentations will be on Ti 29.3. about ”Demokratia ja Raha”, presented by Prof. Heikki Patomäki, and on Ti 26.4. about ”Demokratia ja Media”, presented by Jaakko Tapaninen, who is the päästrategi of Great Point.

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