German Light on 9/11

During my recent stay in Germany, where I (in contrast to my situation in Finland) have regular access to TV, I was lucky enough to come across an indeed interesting piece of TV report: On Sunday February 2nd the news program “Tagesschau” was serving the demolition of the University tower of the university of Frankfurt/Main.

The tower was not very much higher than 100 m; the demolition firm had all the time it needed for the preparations (which included the application of about 1.000 kg of dynamite); afterwards the firm was justly proud of its work (the building had come down cleanly onto its own footprint, and there was not any damage to the numerous nearby other buildings), BUT STILL THE COLLAPSE OF THE BUILDING WAS NOT AS SMOOTH, STRAIGHT AND TIDY AS THE COLLAPSE OF WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING No. 7 DURING THE EVENTS OF 9/11, ALTHOUGH THIS WTC-7 BUILDING HAD BEEN 174 m HIGH AND HAD, ACCORDING TO THE OFFICIAL REPORT, NOT BEEN PREPARED FOR DEMOLITION, BUT HAD COME DOWN BECAUSE SOME SUPPORT HAD GIVEN WAY DUE TO THE EFFECT OF (QUITE UNPLANNED) FIRE. Jaaaha …

At around the same time there was some story fed into the internet which claimed that an elite unit of Iraquis (every member sworn to Saddam Hussein himself) had before 9/11 found access to building WTC-7 and prepared it with nano thermite for demolition – this while being unaware that Al Quaida had plans to destroy the WTC towers; and after the planes had crashed into the towers, those Iraquis had taken down also WTC-7, although they had initially planned to do this several weeks later. And this story was claimed to be based on material which Edward Snowden had taken with him and handed out for publication …

Well, certainly an amusing story. IF Edward Snowden would publicly confirm it TOGETHER WITH a confirmation by the Guardian, I might even believe it, but up to now it leaves by far too many questions unanswered. Thus, I rather assume that some hacker or other, and possibly in the pay of NSA, CIA, Mossad or similar, was putting the story into the web in order to give some account for the nano thermite (which was in fact found in dust samples from Manhattan – a good piece of forensic work, though of course not performed by the US authorities) while at the same time blackpainting the Iraquis at least posthumously and perhaps also distracting possible attention from other embarrassing details of the 9/11 events.

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