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We are living in politically not unimportant times: the negotiations about that TTIP are going on all the time, and next spring there will be an election in Finland. And in both contexts it may be very good to spread critical, political ideas. It is about this that I have a problem:

Since I was “discovering” Ha-Joon Chang’s book “23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism” I have been trying my best to promote and spread the book (among others, I gave it 9 people), and certainly the book is very fitting to rouse critical thoughts about both the TTIP and also certain political parties (somebody who agrees with Ha-Joon Chang will not easily vote for Kokoomus). Since then, though, there has appeared the Finnish book “Punavihreä – Sinivalkoinen” by Li Andersson and Susanna Koski; incidentally it costs rather much the same as the Finnish edition of Ha-Joon Chang’s book, and certainly it is no mere coincidence that it appears just now at pre-election time.

My problem with this is that I have some difficulties with the Finnish language. There are in fact Finnish books which I did read, but the book by Andersson/Koski is written in a more complicated language than, e.g, the Mumin books or the Judge Dee mysteries, and I also hesitate a bit to buy a bigger than my present dictionary just to be able to read this one book. Thus, is there, among the readers of this blog, somebody who has already read both Ha-Joon Chang’s and Andersson/Koski’s books? And could this person please write a comment on this my piece, telling me (and others) whether Andersson/Koski’s book is good enough as a means to spread critical ideas not only concerning the Finnish political landscape but also concerning things like, e.g., the TTIP and the NATO, or whether one should better continue promoting Ha-Joon Chang’s book IN ADDITION. The answer to this question (plus the perhaps/hopefully arising discussion about the question) would help me with the decision in which direction I should invest how much time, energy, even money, in the future. – And my thanks in advance for any effort taken about this matter!

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