Political Ammunition

On Söndag 9.08. Hbl reported about Sannfinländarnas congress in Åbo on the previous day. An especially remarkable quotation might be what the very Timo Soini said (himself! – this does not come from some small extremist but non-representative member of the party): “Vi öppnar inte dörren för den rödgröna tolerantsian [= the reporter’s translation of Soini’s term “suvaitsevaisto”] …”.

Jaha, how very nice to get such a good suggestion how to identify oneself during the next demonstration, namely as a representative of the “tolerantsia” (or “suvaitsevaisto”)! And never forget to mention that it was the very Timo Soini who was publicly using this term in order to demonstrate his hostility to tolerance.

As a German, I feel by this attempt to discredit/ridicule tolerant people VERY much reminded of Hitler’s propaganda before (and also after) 1933 (where tolerant, civilized and peaceable people were systematically decried as contemptible weaklings), i.e. the fascist tendency is glaringly obvious – but perhaps this will be too complicated to explain in the frame of a demonstration … . But perhaps somebody could produce a button by which one could out oneself as a member of the suvaitsevaisto.

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