Fascism/racism should not be the answer or the cover up to the problems caused by $$$ neoliberal politics!

I am really worried right now. I am worried about the people seeking refuge here from the crisis around the world. I am worried for the future of this society in the hands of the SSS government. Their politics polarize the people, they lie and they conduct politics that is really dangerous. Dangerous because their politics makes some people very vulnerable for the benefit of, mostly, the shareholders. The SSS are not interested in a well working and safe society, they conduct politics that is shattering the foundations of a society that we can call ours.

I want the people who are worried about loosing their jobs, their pension, their elder care, their possibilities to a decent education, the ones who feel humiliated of not having a job, those who do not feel humiliated of not having a job, the ones seeking refuge here, the ones that have a job, a good salary, a bad salary to unite and remember what a good society is about.

A good society is not:
– one where some have to work their asses off in worse and worse conditions for the benefit of shareholders profits,
– one where the ones who earn the most pay the least taxes,
– one where every aspect of human life become commercialized, and for sale for the benefit of the shareholder’s profits,
– one where some people are put in circumstances where they do not have a choice other than to sell the last bit of their integrity to sustain basic things in life, such as a home where to live, and food for the day when others benefit from their vulnerable situation as cheap labor or paid intimate services, or
– one where the most vulnerable have to carry the hate for the crisis caused by the elite, the rich, the corrupted government of this country, and corrupted governments of the world.

We used to value our welfare society, because we used to know that a welfare society is a safe society.

A good society is not one with a government that makes it easier for the bigger capital owners to evade taxes, whereas everything that makes up a good society is cut down: i.e. affordable education for everybody, libraries accessible for everybody, a working public infrastructure, a serious concern for our environment, decent unemployment benefits, a public broadcasting and media not owned by capital owners or corrupted politicians, a clean security system. A good society is not one with a government that through their version of SoTe-reform (Social- and health care reforms) makes it even easier for the tax money to end up in private shareholders pockets thought the tax-heavens.

A good society is one with
– a working public infrastructure,
– public libraries,
– education for everybody,
– decent health care for everybody, including psychological health care,
– decent tax laws (that makes sure we can uphold this kind of society instead of rich getting richer on the expense that the vulnerable become even more vulnerable and exploited) and
– a clean security system and public court.

Finland is rather safe now, but it will not stay this way if this government will go through with their policies. Do people understand why? There are examples around the world, Mexico City used as perhaps one of the most prevalent ones.

A society with large class gaps is a of course a site for corruption, exploitation, excessive vulnerability, fear and desperation. If capital, i.e. money and assets are accumulated to fewer and fewer through unfair tax legislation, such as the current tax legislation in Finland now, and policies that makes it easier for the bigger companies to eliminate the smaller ones, it will of course result in a polarization in the society the way the some become richer on the expense of others becoming more and more vulnerable.

The concrete ways in which the current Finnish government is polarizing the society is for example:

Their version of the SoTe- reformation. In practice it means that tax money actually can be used to pay for services provided by companies that evades taxes through tax heavens, companies such as Meliläinen and Terveystalo whereas the public health care is driven down by significant reductions in funding so that it becomes hard to uphold a decent standard on it.

Their attempt to excuse tax evaders through legislated immunity. This was luckily, at least for now cancelled.

The planned cuts in education, one of the backbones of our society. If these cuts are done, I would assume that this society will change radically, because education will then become vulnerable for commercial pressures through the changing funding structure. Who will own knowledge then? Not the public anyway, and not for common societal interests anyway.

YLE. This is a question mark, is it also true that SSS wants to commercialize our public broadcast YLE? If they do, what will happen to the media content? Who will own information? Again, not us, and not in public societal interest anyway.

The cuts in security (police) and the legal protection of the citizens (the public courts). This will mean extended private “security” and legal “protection”, owned by private interests in other words. Not good. It is however not good either that the government is turning more and more “anti-immigration”, because if this development is going further it will “trickle down” to the legal forces too.

Also, this government actually cuts the funding of the police force that investigates grey economy. This means that we will loose even more of our tax money that should fund the public services we once valued.

This is why it is now very, very important that we understand the consequences of the policies of the current Finnish government. The “immigration-critical” as it is called (but in practice sometimes really fascist) strands in the policies is a charade to cover up for the really dangerous FINANCIAL LABOUR, and TAX LEGISLATIVE policies that this government is trying to push through.

Therefore I think it is really essential for everyone; people who are worried about loosing their jobs, their pension, their elder care, their possibilities to a decent education, the ones who feel humiliated of not having a job, those who do not feel humiliated of not having a job, the ones seeking refuge here, the ones that have a job, a good salary, a bad salary to unite. We all want a safe and well working society, don’t we?

We can not let racism and fascism be the answer to the fear of the unfair and dangerous policies this SSS government is pushing through, and the answer to the crisis in the world that are facilitated by forces that the ones seeking refuge have no control over. We used to have better values than having Nazis marching on our streets or an SDP politician sympathizing with policies that reminds of apartheid.

So, also you who find a more or less immigration-critical voice in your self, please understand that it is not the right answer to the problems the government is creating right now. Just the opposite, it will facilitate the development that makes this society more dangerous for your and other’s children too. It is our common responsibility to see the dangers where they are, in the policies of the SSS, the weapon trade, the greedy powers of the world pumping the oil from other’s ground, not in the people seeking refuge from all this. And also, the dangerous individuals, foreign and domestic, to know them and to find them, or prevent them to become like this we need to allocate resources in health care (including psychiatric) and a sound security. General fascism and so called “anti-immigration” sentiments will not contribute with anything but more shit on the pile of shit SSS already created.

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One Response to Fascism/racism should not be the answer or the cover up to the problems caused by $$$ neoliberal politics!

  1. Ernst Mecke says:

    Yes, a long and impassioned call to unite (in fact so long that I did not find the time for a comment before tonight)., and certainly it would be desirable that all somehow reasonable people could get together and DO something. But presumably they won’t. For the reason that there is no glaringly obvious idea around what exactly to do (except protesting), and that the doings of the government are too similar to what one is used to do in one’s own economy once money is runnig short (which makes the government look “reasonable”). And so, what to do???

    I should suggest that one should try hard to make the government look unreasonable, make people lose trust in it (and as the mainstream media will certainly not help in spreading the necessary information for this, one will have to try and scratch people’s trust in the media as well – as best as this is now possible under the circumstances …). As examples of information to be spread (e.g. in letters to editors?) one could mention.
    (a) Ha-Joon Chang’s “23 Things …” (and why the hell in nobody ever mentioning them even in this blog??? – here is some very easy-to-read book which is knocking 23 holes into the ruling economical theory, and it was mentioned exactly once by Mikael Kosk in Hbl …);
    (b) there are at least 2 scientific papers which arrive at the conclusion that the USA are not a democracy any more (google the authors Martin Gilens & Benjamin I. Page , both Profs., and James Druckman – of Northwestern University & Lawrence Jacobs – of Univ. of Minnesota);
    (c) in the USA the Congress and the Senate both have already Republican majorities, and in addition to this those who want to become the Republican candidate for next year’s presidental election look like a collection of mentally deranged and/or criminal persons – who are, though, VERY MUCH supported by the moneyed class and, thus, have good chances of being elected, which would mean that even the best-meant agreements with the USA would simply be not true any more (because everything is in very much danger of being re-interpretated “in the American interest” …);
    (d) the belief that NATO (in which anyway nothing much happens if not the USA take initiatives) will protect Finland from being invaded by Russia is a VERY DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION, because NATO membership with according development of military infrastructure will above all be an invitation to Russia to occupy most of Finland and that way very much shorten the (now threatening) northwestern border of Russia – while the USA will CERTAINLY not risk a serious military confrontation with Russia for the purpose of saving those few Finns and their rather empty and not very valuable country from being occupied (and the NATO treaty just obliges the members – in the famous article 5 – att “vidta sådana åtgärder som parten bedömer vara nödvändiga …”, which can now really mean this or that or nothing).

    Altogether it would be very important to shake people’s belief in “the West” in general and the USA in special (including theories which come from there, such as neoliberalism or also Donald Trump’s fascism and racism), so that they might wake up to the need of thinking themselves and become more willing to kick a government which is obviously following wrong (at the very least very doubtful) ideologies and theories. And to demand that the government should begin to INVITE reasonable ideas and follow them up.


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