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It was on Thursday last week when I, after a very long time, managed to get myself to pay for and look at a worthwhile film, in this case Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next”. I liked it and, after some thought, recommend it now most warmly.

The idea of the film is rather simple but nice: instead of the usual US policy of the past, when countries were invaded in order to get out oil or other commodities, Michael Moore is “invading” countries (mostly European, but also Tunisia and Iceland) in order to take some good ideas home. And he does in fact find rather many – I don’t want to list them here, it is much more fun to really look at the film.

The good thing with the film is that it does remind the European viewer how many good and reasonable solutions to rather serious problems there are around in Europe (but not in USA – which one could also take as a reminder how much we have to lose if we should think of blindly adjust to the US American ways). And one thought-provoking aspect is the fact that some of these good ideas had in fact been realized at some earlier time also in the USA, but have for some (unknown?) reason been abandoned there. – One can take this as an invitation to enter into a very serious and important discussion why and how this might have come about (is it neoliberalism, private-owned media, Christian moralizing, all of this and/or still something?). My own ideas about this are not ready yet, but I do think it would be a very good idea if many could go to see the film (and SOON – there were so few people in the audience that it might soon be taken off the program) and after that start a serious discussion about especially this point in this blog.

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  1. Bert says:

    Rekommenderar likaså Moores film varmt. Han slarvar emellertid emellanåt lite med fakta, eller förskönar åtminstone. T.ex låter han förstå att det finländska skolsystemet är så superbt att våra elever blir bäst i världen utan att behöva läsa läxor överhuvud.


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