9/11 News ?

On Friday 14.07. I found on Facebook the following piece of information: One Malcolm Howard, formerly in the service of the CIA, now retired, 79 years old and on his deathbed (a picture showed a man in an obvious hospital bed with an oxygen tube in his nose), was said to have confessed that he had, together with some colleagues, been blowing up the World Trade Center building No.7 on 9/11.

This without any clear source being given (i.e. very difficult to check). Still, people who know me will not be surprised to hear that this piece of information holds little surprise to me: since at latest 2006 I have been convinced that just the collapse of the building WTC-7 is something like the Achilles heel of the whole official report about 9/11 (because of being glaringly incompatible with the laws of even simple school physics – and meanwhile there are also a bit more than 2750 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth who are demanding a new, impartial and expert investigation of 9/11 …).

On the other hand, after having now for years and years observed the media’s obstinate adherence to the official version (plus all those pseudo-expert comments on ”people who believe in conspiracy theories”) I do not think it probable that the media will even mention the above piece of information. Still, I cannot help being a bit curious whether things will really go as I suspect or whether there may be some unexpected turn of events … .

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  1. Having had some thought and a second look, I found that there IS in fact some type of source (though its reliability may still be somewhat difficult to assess). A more explicit account of that confession is available on yournewswire.com.

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