Neurotics attacking

In HBL of 8.06.2019 there was a long article titled ”Utländska krafter lobbar mot abort i Europa”. The article points to a rather secretive but well-financed and widely-connected organization which is trying not only to make abortions illegal in Europe but also such things as assisted fertilization, uncomplicated divorces and protection of women against violence. Its name is reported as ”Agenda Europe”.

In my head, this revives memories from the early days of West Germany, when there was an organization which called itself ”Europäische Akademie” and wanted not only to re-introduce capital punishment, but also a privileged nobility (among other things). Many of its members were from the Christian-Social Union, which is the Bavarian branch of the German Christian Democrats and was (and is still) a very well-established (and very rightist) political party. Some people who did not like this Europäische Akademie too well went up to the Constitutional Court, which, though, decided that an organization which has so many well-reputed persons among its members cannot be unconstitutional … . – It is an open question how the Constitutional Court would decide meanwhile (some 70 years later), but the article in HBL does remind me of those early days of West Germany. And it is SOME comfort to see how West Germany has developed since, in spite of that decision of the Constitutional Court.

Still, it may not be quite enough simply to let the development towards a more relaxed society continue by itself – there ARE well-established people with that agenda from the Old Testament and from those times when the Catholic church was THE organization which (to a degree) made Europe a cultural unit, and they do have their connections in rather influential places, and seemingly also not so little money. And what may be going on in their heads?

First of all, their wishes and tendencies have a VERY long and well-established tradition in the Catholic church (one of their – presumably unintended – products was a certain Adolf Hitler), and the tendencies are presumably kept alive by that church’s official demand for celibacy – which attracts sexual neurotics and deviants to the church, is a precondition for a career in the church, and results not only in frequent sexual scandals but also in neurotic guidelines which are issued by the highest ranks of the church hierarchy. And if one looks in which countries the law is most restrictive about abortions etc., one will find that they are mostly Catholic (if not Islamic). On top of which comes of course the fact that right now the neurotic tendencies are achieving a whole string of victories in the USA (who are STILL considered as a champion of the Free World by quite a number of politicians and a not-so-small part of the media). And why is that? Well, one of Donald Trump’s methods is to flatter ANY group of voters which can be expected to vote for him in some future election (this, as long as it does not cost him or his friends any money, and without any regard for the consequences to anybody else). And the other aspect of Trump’s method is that it provides a feeling of being victorious to his followers: the president of the USA is telling them that they are morally superior to those sinners and losers and encourages them to crack down on them and show them how inferior they really are. And that the experience of being victorious is a pleasant one is not any new discovery – already Genghis Khan was praising it as simply ”the Best” to his warriors. And on top of the mentioned two factors we may still suspect a Capitalist interest: If one tells and shows people who have to work in low positions in some hierarchy that people high in some hierarchies (popes, priests, judges) have a say (which they also can enforce) about even their most private matters, and gets them also used to the idea that ”this is how things are”, they will not be so very eager to demand rights and/or wage increases. And the resulting overall situation will also feel very pleasant and flattering to those who happen to be high in any hierarchy.

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  1. Thank you for that! I have often wondered about the American so-called pro life movements’ influence in Europe, as they seem to be moving in. They use the most ludicrous arguments and, curiously, seem to attract support from both within the Protestant churches and the Catholic church for their cause. It is disconcerting and it is worrying to see how their arguments are taken up in mainstream discourse.

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