Concerning Political Psychology

If somebody should go to the Facebook page titled ”Political Psychology”, s/he will find the following text:

The Political Psychology Group was initiated because of the severe impression that the Western society is in a state of serious misdevelopment (US elections, growth of the political Right, of social inequality). The idea behind the group is that political psychology could help to better understand the situation and the factors behind its development, to better see and pursue possibilities to improve the situation, and to be more convincing and successful when spreading helpful ideas. – The idea is, thus, NOT to establish just another small, active group, but rather to feed some ideas and insights into the work of already existing organizations. This is the reason why also such participants are welcome who might not be able to attend more than a few times, but wish to get an impression about the group and its activities. – Among the steady members of the group are represented several decades of experience with political work, with psychology, and also psychiatry. The discussions have, so far, been lively, pleasant and instructive.

I can add here that the group meets every second week on Wednesdays, klo 18:00. in the café of musiikkitalo. The table where the group meets is marked by an according note. The next session will be on October 5th. I intend to be there.

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