Note on Orlando

Just yesterday we learned from the news that in Orlando/Florida, a US citizen of Afghan background, who according to some had also expressed some sympathies for the so-called Islamic State, and anyway hated homosexuals, had managed to get into a larger meeting-place for homosexuals and kill there 50 persons, also wounding another 53 (partly very seriously). And afterwards the commentators were very much wondering whether to consider the deed as an act of Islamist terrorism or, rather, as a more personal outburst of somebody who hated homosexuals.

This puts me to wonder about those commentators: as much discussion as there is in the USA about Biblical issues, are they so unfamiliar with the Bible that they simply do not see that a strong belief in an Abrahamic religion (such as Islam) and hatred of homosexuality are more or less identical? If one reads the Mose Books III and IV, if one pays some attention to the ravings of the US Evangelicals, if one looks at the type of preachers which the Middle East is every now and then producing even nowadays (think of Ayatollah Chomeini), the connection should be glaringly obvious. Of course there is the possibility that any US commentator has to consider that the Evangelicals might think it “politically incorrect” to point to similarities between them and Islamists (which in turn might cause them to boycott such politically incorrect TV channels, which in turn would be bad for the profits to be got from those TV channels …), but I should at least hope that European commentators are not bound to such considerations. And our politicians should better begin to consider a closer supervision of preachers (including the possibility to transfer those who too often get into conflict with the laws which forbid the spreading of hatred to compulsory mental treatment in closed departments – because it is anyway fairly obvious that such preachers are VERY MOSTLY highly neurotic, if not worse).

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