Tunnel to Tallinn?

Recently Ny Tid was organizing an occasion where (for readers of Ny Tid) likely parties were presenting candidates for the upcoming communal elections.

When members of the audience got the possibility to ask questions, I was asking from the representative of the Greens whether there was in that party still any support for the idea of constructing a railway tunnel from Helsinki to Tallinn. To my alarm, she said there was (although, when asked later, assuring me that there was enough realism in the party not to expect the realization of this project for any near future). Still, I think that this incident points to a very serious (and expensive) problem:

As to the feasibility of the project it should be sufficient to remember the construction of the railway tunnel between England and France: the length of the tunnel should be something like 50 km, drilled through not very hard rock, connecting nations of several tens of millions each, and the company who built it was very soon bankrupt. A tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn would have a length of about 80 km, very mostly through granit, connecting a nation of less than 6 millions with a nation of less than 2 millions. Thus, financially total madness. Still, the idea was every now and then brought up by the head of Helsinki’s town government and also supported by Pekka Sauri of the Green party (which was the reason why I had been asking my question).

The seriuos problem which I am seeing in this is the following one: It was already at the time when Fredrik Sonck was chefredaktör of Ny Tid that I managed to get him to publish (as one of my “Technical Visions”) an alternative to a tunnel, and meanwhile I was still sending the idea to the Helsinki town government (where it presumably is busy collecting dust). As to the idea, the reader is invited to google the term “aerobus”, where he will find (aside of an, I think, Mexican airline) the description of a system for public traffic, which was invented in Switzerland, tried out in Mannheim/Germany, the patents meanwhile in some US American hands. The system would need some developing (which should not be TOO difficult), after which it would be fit to make very many connections over the (after all very shallow) Östersjö, by that offering good chances for export, in places (e.g. between Helsinki and Tallinn) also being attractive for tourism, and presumably also being cheaper per km distance.

BUT: up to now there was no head of Helsinki even mentioning it, no billionaire is pushing it (as Elon Musk is doing for his Hyperloop system – which I think too expensive for our region), which – naturally? – means that not either any journalist thinks it worth mentioning (if he/she ever even saw it or put it to mind). Altogether, the primate habit of concentrating one’s attention on the sayings and doings of some Alpha individual (especially male) is here on the way to block a good possibility in favour of a very much more expensive one (which cannot either be exported). And from where now to get people and/or a party who would pay so much attention to basic psychology as to at least see this and perhaps lift a few fingers to prevent another huge waste of money (after the metro to the west, the bridge to Laajasalo and the – luckily meanwhile dead – Guggenheim museum)?

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