Some readers will have noticed that there was recently some discussion concerning CETA, that supposed free trade agreement with Canada (see e.g. ”Cecilia Malmström Unchanged” plus comments/additions).

Now (somewhat earlier than expected) this matter has become acute: on Ons 9.5. (tomorrow!) Finlands Riksdag will at least begin to seriously discuss the matter. In this situation I should think it a VERY good and adequate idea if ANYbody who happens to have some (preferably personal) contact to some member of the Riksdag would now make use of the contact to say/write something about the matter. Such as: (a) that it would be nothing less than a scandal if a matter with so many possibly serious consequences would be just quietly (”under the Radar”) agreed and signed; (b) that it would be essential to perform a premortem (as explained in the addition to ”Cecilia Malmström Unchanged”) and that, in this context, it would be a SERIOUS mistake to accept explanations how some formulations are MEANT (because such interpretations will not be legally binding – the lawyers of Big Money will interpret any formulation in exactly that way which gives the biggest profits, and if the English text will not offer enough such possibilities they will search all the translations into the other European languages which will be on paper; one should realize that NO translation is really perfect); (c) one should point to the very recent experience that hardly any European government has shown any backbone in the situation that an Anglo-Saxon government has made some fuss (and as at least ”conservative” Anglo-Saxon governments tend to be VERY well connected to Big Money, it can be expected that they WILL every now and then make a fuss in support of Big Money’s demands).

Altogether, now is a time when EVERYbody who has some usable contact(s) should switch phone or computer on (or even go to meet somebody face-to-face) in order to prevent a VERY DANGEROUS possibility.

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  1. Yes, all orsak att knäppa på megafonen. Tigrar, ohoj! Kontakta någon riksdagsledamot innan det är för sent.

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